When you convey your superiors' requirements, do not copy them.
Because the instructions of the superiors are generally universal and not necessarily suitable for the unit, the security squadron captain should carefully study the key contents of the instructions, determine what needs to be carried out and what can only be understood, and then transmit them to the subordinates. Avoid the confusion of security officers when they understand their superiors' spirit.
In the security squadron, we must practise democratic centralism instead of "one word and one word".
When the squadron is on duty, we should pay attention to arousing the enthusiasm of the backbone of the squadron and the security guards. When things happen, we should discuss more, think with one heart and strive for one place. We should not only perform our duties, but also unite and cooperate with each other to really do a good job in the safety work of the security client units.
In daily work, we should combine work with rest and do not engage in fatigue tactics.
When arranging duty preparation tasks, the security squadron captain should give full consideration to the rest time of the security guards and try to let them rest well so as to better serve the clients. Although most of the security guards are willing to work without complaint and selflessness, as a squadron leader, we must, from the point of view of caring for comrades, pay attention to giving full play to the subjective initiative of security guards, improve work efficiency, rationally arrange according to different positions, and minimize the overtime of security guards, especially to avoid the form of masters. Work overtime for righteousness.
Use rewards and punishments to be fair and not sentimental.
In team management, reward and punishment is a more effective incentive measures, but in the use of the need to master a bowl of water on people and things, the Han prize is awarded, the punishment is punished, timely ideological education, so that the spirit of reward inspiration, so that the punished person convinced. In general, we should grasp more rewards and less punishment, more praise and less criticism, so that security guards reduce work pressure and encourage them to do their job well.
For ideological work, we should adopt the method of combining ideological guidance with problem-solving, and not just talk about the task regardless of people.
We should carefully observe the emotional changes of security guards. When we find "rainy weather", we should personally or arrange personnel to communicate with each other in a timely manner, so that the security guards can take care of themselves paternally. For example, when the security guard's family is in trouble, they should ask for help in time and help solve some practical difficulties within their ability.
When dealing with complaints, be cautious.
When security guards are on duty, they often deal with all kinds of people. It is inevitable that some misunderstandings will arise, causing dissatisfaction from others. If someone complains of a security guard, the squadron commander should pay attention to maintaining the image of the security guard. Even if it is the fault of the security guard, he should listen to his explanation before answering or dealing with it. Otherwise, the whole image of the squadron and even the security company will be adversely affected.
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